We all die eventually

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i snorted

I love this man


baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

I watched new Robocop this morning.
I realized one thing I didn’t as a kid. Murphy lost the dick.

and they’re so beautifuul aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I hope to see massive fanfics. Because they are worth it. Pretty and full of angst. 

I think I’m gonna get a Polaroid camera because why not?


Is it bad that I ship these two mainly because of this scene?

Nah. I ship them because it’s so obvious. Shirasu is keep telling Yenka to use him pfft


Hottest characters of Donten ni Warau! please kiss

"You're so stubborn."
"It's how I am. Give it up."

Tenka and Shirasu are totally together.
Shirasu is like use me Tenka ;)


The greatest love story ever told

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